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A proven technology

ePowerOne set new standards in the development of battery electric vehicles. The modular design allows new components to be integrated quickly, thereby allowing innovations to be incorporated without having to adapt the interfaces on the vehicle.
All vehicles using the platform benefit from a reliable supply chain with second-source strategies, fast system integration and reliability thanks to broad-based experience.

interchangeable components

Modular Platform: Manufacturer independent interconnectable platform.

Reliable: Deep integration of all components through our own hardware and software.

Customizable: Possibility to use in a wide range of applications (not just Electric Vehicles).

Hardware & Software: ePowerConnect, eLogicConnect & ePowerOS developed by motics.

Standard Interface

DataLink (CAN) or eDataBus
Configurable by motics

Vehicle Battery
Charge the existing onboard Battery (12/24VDC)

Possibility to interact with different kind of auxiliaries on the vehicle

Physical Power
The electric motor drives the existing hydraulic motor


Components Management
Ability to connect different components with different protocols and communications.

Error Management
Centralized information over errors and warnings on system

IoT / Cloud
Monitoring of all parameters on the system, ability to update software

Auxiliary Operation
Additional control of drives, lights or any other auxiliary units can be customized and controlled by the software

Human Interface
Display’s and other UI’s can be integrated with any other component

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