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In a pioneering move towards sustainable mining operations, Motics has successfully transformed the iconic Toyota LandCruiser into an electric vehicle (EV) powerhouse. By retrofitting these essential personnel transport vehicles with Motics’ innovative Re DriveUnit, this project has not only made a significant leap in reducing CO2 emissions by 80% within mining environments but also improved the health conditions for workers by ensuring cleaner air. This project explores the electrification process, highlighting the challenges overcome, the solutions implemented, and the substantial environmental and commercial benefits achieved. Through this transformative initiative, Motics sets a new benchmark for sustainability in the mining industry, demonstrating the commercial viability and environmental importance of converting diesel-powered vehicles to electric.

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Technical Specifications

Main Drive Power60 kW
Peak Drive Power90 kWp
Battery Capacity72 kWh
HV nom. System Voltage350 VDC
LV nom. System Voltage12 VDC
Onboard Charger (OBC) 22 kW
CCS CharingCCS Typ2


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