The DDP Terren Expedition: A Leap in Electric Vehicle Innovation

In a groundbreaking venture, the DDP Terren, an electric vehicle adapted from its origins in agriculture, embarked on a mission to conquer the highest volcano in Chile. This audacious attempt aimed to set a world record and shatter preconceived notions about the capabilities of electric vehicles (EVs) in extreme conditions. With the engineering prowess and software expertise of Motics, the DDP Terren was transformed into a testament to the potential of electric mobility. Facing harsh terrains and extreme temperatures, this project was not just a challenge against nature but a bold statement on sustainability and innovation in electric transportation. The successful summit of the volcano marked a historic achievement, proving the resilience, efficiency, and environmental promise of EVs, even in the most demanding environments.

Mission accomplished!

Congrats to the Terren Team. They made it all the way up to the biggest volcano on earth and now hold the world record for electric vehicles on highest altitude. 6510 meters!

We are very pleased having contributed with our drive software.

Go and check out their amazing journey from September 2023 till January 2024.

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