Electrification of the Normet Aliva 520 by Motics: A Trailblazing Initiative for Sustainable Tunneling

Motics transformed the construction industry’s approach to sustainability by electrifying the Normet Aliva 520 concrete sprayer, traditionally powered by diesel, with their innovative Re DriveUnit. This groundbreaking project not only demonstrated the feasibility of converting heavy-duty machinery to electric power but also set new benchmarks for environmental responsibility, operational efficiency, and workplace safety in tunneling operations. Achieving significant reductions in CO2 emissions and operating costs, while improving the health and safety conditions for workers, the electrified Aliva 520 marks a significant step forward in the industry’s journey towards green construction practices. This initiative showcases the potential for electric conversion across the construction sector, offering a blueprint for future projects aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of heavy machinery.

Technical specification


Motor Power90 kW
Charging Power22 kW
System Voltage650 V
Battery Capacity55 kWh